Sunday, August 10, 2008

PRIME HRSummit (Interesting Development in HR World)

I had opportunity to have a free seminar among with the clients of PRIME in AIM Function room last Friday, August 8, 2008. Among of the spearkers are Mr. Carlo Felicia of Watson Wyatt Philippines, Mr. Gerry Plana of PMAP, Mr. Renato Serapio who used to work with Siemens and implemented PRIME HR in his Organization, Ms. Serely Geraldine Alcaraz of ITD Consulting and, other speakers of PRIME.

The talk had a very interesting topic, one is regarding ,HR Centeredness Organization: Building Employee Engagement. Whereas, it is not only commitment which is important to an Organization but, having line of sight is another. Line of sight is where the employees knows what to do in a company and it's alignment. This is true, there are people who are committed because of the tenure but, they don't have that much production in terms of their work output, the quality might be suffering in between.

Did you know that 40% of Companies expenditures are related to people? That is why, there is a big problem with the call center and IT/Telecoms Industry where there are 23-50% turnover rate each year for the Contact Center and 14% with the IT Industry. The median of turnover is 12%. The arised problem in this high rate makes the company shift its corporate culture continuously as the workforce change overtime.

Another talk is about Training/Executive Education and Professional Executive coaching, when combined will have a massive results in employee's production/output on given field. However, there are slight mousetraps in having your employee in executive education that is why you need Employee Engagement, isn't it? Also, Training and Developement has a newer concept called Workplace learning and Workforce development which really make sense.

As Recruiter, Sales Manager and Professor, there is a very significant know how that I had to put in place. A whole day afair made my brain more stout in the field of HR having equiped on what to do, what things do I still have to improve. The speakers had alot of topics which I can share with you, just give me a ring or email, I will be gladly to talk to you.

Thank you very much to my sponsors form PRIME!

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