Monday, January 19, 2009

Would you want to Advertise your Company in a Tri-Level Screen?

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Job Opening for IT Manager

IT Manager

Basic Responsibilities for the position include:

1. Review annual budget for IT requirements.
2. Review, propose & execute major projects for the group that mainly/partly involve IT.
3. Review policies and procedures that were created to safeguard IT resources.
4. Evaluate the performance of each member of the group and suggest/recommend to
ensure efficiency and productivity of each individuals.
5. Oversee periodic monitor of department performance vis-à-vis annual objectives &
targets set at the beginning of the year.
6. Review IT projects that are approved to be acquired. The task may include negotiation
with external companies on their proposal/bids, as well as prepare recommendations that
are beneficial & cost-effective to Management for approval.
7. Meet and give guidance to the group on the proper and timely executions of projects.

8. Formulate systems and procedures to ensure proper maintenance of IT resources.
9. Coordinate with functional heads for any system requirements.

10. Attend to major issues that concern PC operations in all locations.

11. Determine training needs of all PC users & provide assistance thru training sessions,
tutorials or on-line documentation via the company’s resources.

12. Research and recommend for latest issues & innovation on Information Technology that
would be truly beneficial to the company.

13. Perform coaching & counseling activities of staffs so that their morale & level of
motivation are constantly held high. Ensure that every staff is performing well with their
assigned tasks. Train and develop them to be more competitive.

14. Draft/modify (if deemed necessary) guidelines and policy on the proper usage as well as
the network security that will be followed by every user, and ensure that it is strictly and
properly enforced throughout the factories.

15. Performs other RELATED functions that may be assigned BY THE IMMEDIATE

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