Monday, December 1, 2008

Stare Case

This was a never ending story about a man who can't make a move. This was the name of my band way back college and early working days as a professional.

Miss the gig!

I was walking and thinking...
Where is she, can you help me?
I was driven to look but I can't really move
Uncertain about this and that, can you help me to prove?
I saw her standing there,
waiting, texting, looking...
My feet are glued and can't say a thing;
I am obviously staring and I'm addicted to what I'm seeing
But when she find my eyes on her,
I started to leave.
Walking fast and interrupted,
There are times I think an Angel is an Angel
and I don't want to be in their world.
I always feel that I am just a human
who does not want to be involved.
And when I get a hold, I will begin to get burned
I'm afraid of something special can take of my world.

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