Thursday, July 3, 2008

Incredible, It made me lighter!

A friend of mine from Britain asked me to use this for losing weight. He told me that he will guarantee that I will reduce my waistline significantly in a month. I never believe on this kind of proposition but since he's a friend, I bought one to try.

I usually work out in the gym to build muscle and speed up my metabolism. I preferred a gym in a mall because its much more convenient to go plus, since it is near my house. 3 weeks ago, I was not able to pump-up iron due to some important matters and, I got sick 2 days. Then, I remember that I have bought this product and I tried it for 3 days and my tummy got an improvement after 5 days my arms and legs improved as well. After 2 weeks, I tried to weight myself and I lose 8lbs. off my weight. That is incredible and I get do that in just going in a gym. I feel health, I don't feel unhealthy and weak. I got a greater skin even on a diet(usually if you are losing weight, skin looks bad and easily to get irritated).

Right now, I have friends who continuously asked me for my diet. And they are taking it already and seen improvements in a matter of days.

If you would like to try, just ask me how!

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