Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celtics wins game 4, Series leads 3-1

Yes, you read it right! The Boston Celtics stole game 4 over the LA Lakers. I thought the game is definitely towards LA, they lead as much as 24 points few minutes before 4th quarter. Lamar Odom scored 7/7 field goal in the first half. But, Doc Rivers and his team worked-out to play defense to stop Lakers on scoring. This is also the first time in the finals that I saw Kevin Garnett low-posed where he gave opportunity for the other shooters to free-up the defense and score from the outside. Coach Rivers had a good decision on taking James Pose (for Paul Pierce who has a knee injury) and, (Eddie House for Rajon Rondo who is suffering form sprain) inside and contributed jump shots and three pointers. Ray Allen did his part in shooting both inside and outside the court specially, when he played one on one, isolation play with Sasha Vujacic and scored to make the lead up to 6 points 95-89.

The final score 97-91.

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