Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There were 3 NBA Championships

Yesterday, the Boston Celtics won its 17th NBA Championship care of the big 3, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. With the absence of one of the big 3, would be a failure to the Celtics winnings. This is the only team who has the heart to win this year, with their season standing 66 wins and only 16 lossess. Comparing with the next highest standing, Detroit Pistons with 59 wins and 23 lossess, there is a big difference particularly in terms of lossess.

3 Championships have won yesterday, 1 is for Paul Pierce who has been with the Celtics since then, another is from Ray Allen who had been the leader of the Super Sonics and the last, would be KG who were drafted and played all his time with Minnesota until he transfered in Boston.

Aside from the 3, the whole team should be given a credit on continuing support for each other.

Congratulations Boston, Beat LA again!


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