Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pinoy Idol - true opnion

Are you into singing? I can say that I am, and most Filipino does. The show is the pinoy version of the American Idol of the USA. Where the best and the most skilled were being chosen like David Cook, who were recently won the Idol. A few weeks ago, I was watching a program on a TV, I browsed on this channel and saw the program, the stage looks familiar and there was this girl singing in front who were not making the notes while she sings. One of the judges were quite a renowned on the field of music, the other is in show business and the last one, I really don't know were he came from. I was just struck with a very foul comment of one of the judges. He said that contestant looks like one of the creatures of Lord of the Rings. My first impression was, "who are you?", "does the looks really matters to much to say that?", that kind of comment was really below the belt.

Since then, I lost my appetite on watching the show. It looks like a regular TV contest or even a small Street contest, American Idol wannabe with a low class. Their male performers usually rockers and sings hardcore rock music, it's hard to sing such because it damages your throat but I think that's not the filipino voice. For me, I don't want us to be branded as an International culture, I want us to be someone who has our own pride and distinction. I am into rock and alternative rock music but, this is not the one that I really expect in a competition like this.

I hope you will learn.

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