Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tropang EG (Honda Club Philippines Official Group)

I enlist myself in a group called Tropang EG. A group of people who owned Honda Civic ESI, LX and Hatch. We hang around ourselves for our cars, exchange ideas about car upgrades, hard to find items, maintaining the car and most specially, to have fun with each of the members, cracking jokes, drink and of course DRIVE! The group always have get to together event, sometimes the group plan to go to different places like, race tracks, car show events and to attend the monthly Honda Club Philippines where the other subgroups are there like, EK Elites (96-01 model), SX8 Piranhas (those who are driving Honda City), Accord tuners, (the new honda) GD and a lot more.

From my stay with this group, I have actually upgraded my stock car to a more sporty look car. Here are some of the pics that I took to one of our GT's.

By the way my car's name is EEEGGG!

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