Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Music that sounds like theirs

I have a friend, who's going to get married this coming December 2008. He is one of my best buddy and we used to record our music way back high school. I was there vocalist/guitarist that time. When he came back from abroad last week, he asked me if I can make a song for his wedding and play as well on his wedding day. So, i grab my guitar, trying to produce new and lively music and write lyrics that relates to their love story, make the words with a twist of a fairy tale since, their motif for their wedding is beauty and the beast. Definitely, my friend will portray as the beast not her future wife. I made some arrangements and try to be melodic or fascinating as it should be.

It was fun because, I just made it up around 10-15 minutes aside from perfecting the lyrics and sounds. Maybe because there is a person that I constantly talk with who makes me inspired all day long.

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